Sabtu, 28 Juli 2012

The Blue Whale

The blue whale is largest whale and the largest living creature on earth. Blue whales were hunted a lot for oil, baleen, meat, and other products from the 1930 to the 1960. This hunting almost caused the extinction of the species. They are now protected and may gradually be returning in several areas.

Blue whale are mainly found in very cold waters, like the artic and Antarctic waters. They migrate to the tropics in the winter and to the artic and Antarctic in summer.

Blue whale can reach over 24 m, long mature females are usually big longer than mature males. They weigh between 87.500-142.500 kg the skin has a light grey and white spotty pattern.

Blue whales feed by opening its mouth into dense groups of small sea creatures, like plankton, krill or fish.

Blue whales are mammals. They give birth once every two or three years. Mating occurs during the summer season, and they give birth after about all months the cal nurse for seven or eight month and again weight about 90 kg/day.

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